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Small Group Ministry coming soon to FPS. Meeting on Sept. 16.

Posted by on Aug 10, 2018 in General News

Join us as we think bigger thoughts and go deeper into this journey of life or just have some good conversation and fun in a small group at First Parish of Sudbury.

Small Group Ministry is a vital part of many UU congregations. Groups of up to 12 people meet regularly, usually monthly,
to reflect on and discuss significant life topics. At FPS a decade ago we began one type of SGMs-Chalice Circles. We have heard from you, our congregants, that you would welcome the chance to get to know one another better – deeper. We want to reinvigorate these opportunities for you.

The Unitarian Universalist Assoc. website states “Small groups are great places to get to know other people and to get to know yourself. Over time, participants build deep connections with one another, with the congregation and with what is sacred for them.

Whether the topic is “good and evil,” “mindful living” or “letting go,” the conversation is respectful and caring and leads to greater understanding. In each session, facilitated by a member of the congregation, all participants have opportunity to share their perspectives, tell their stories, and listen deeply. The time together is structured: Groups begin and end with centering readings and often include a time of silence before the sharing begins. Many small groups also put their faith into action through service projects.”

At FPS, we have materials for small groups based on our theme of the month (in September, the theme is Unity and Diversity). Small groups can use these materials—readings, topics, etc–or choose other resources. Small groups are self-managed and the only commitment is regular attendance in the spirit of openness and respect.

The suggested format for SGM get-togethers might be:
1) check ins (brief—“what’s on top” for you today? What did you leave behind to come here?)
2) introduction of the topic and a reading
3) taking turns speaking to the topic in a heartfelt way (more suggested guidelines later). Each person gets a turn,
with no “cross-talk” or direct replies to a speaker
4) move into a time of open discussion

Rev. Marjorie plans an initial meeting at 11:45 on Sunday, September 16. Come if you can, or contact Fran in the office if  you are interested. Watch for more information in upcoming newsletters about the sign-up process. We hope this proves to be a deepening process for all who choose to participate.

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7/22 Bohm Dialogue — Morality

Posted by on Jul 12, 2018 in General News, Religious Exploration, Salon - Bohm Dialogue



A man of highest virtue Will not display it as his own;
His virtue then is real.
Low virtue makes one miss no chance To show his virtue off;
His virtue then is nought.
High virtue is at rest; It knows no need to act.
Low virtue is a busyness Pretending to accomplishment.

Truly, once the Way is lost, There comes then virtue;
Virtue lost, comes then compassion;
After that morality;
And when that’s lost, there’s etiquette,
The husk of all good faith,
The rising point of anarchy.

— Tao de Ching, Blakley trans., chapter 38

Lao Tzu seems to say that morals are an attempt to codify in rules what should come naturally from within, from the very Way itself. If you have to think about it you are already far gone.

But Lao Tzu thought too, and expressed his thoughts in words. Maybe by thinking together we can rediscover the roots of our own morality, get back to the original essence that all the confusing rules came from.

Jan suggests the following for those who wish to think ahead:

Seven Moral Rules Found All Around the World

In this longer collection.

Join us to listen to what others think and to share what you think.  The Religious Exploration Salon is a group that meets 3rd Sundays to discuss various topics in the format called Bohm Dialogue which emphasizes respectful listening and balanced, synergistic sharing. For more details about how Dialogue works, please see this intro.

Everyone is welcome. You are welcome to think about the topic beforehand but no preparation is required or expected — come as you are with whatever thoughts/intuitions you have, ready to listen, learn and contribute.  We next meet Sunday July 22 at 7pm in the Brackett Room.

Contact Paul Reising, Tom Yelton or Jan Hardenbergh for more information.

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Picnic on our Lawn: Annual July 4th Parade Grill at First Parish Sudbury

Posted by on Jul 1, 2018 in General News

For the best view of the Sudbury Parade and the best Food, come picnic on our First Parish lawn. There will be hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, sausage with peppers and onions, veggie burgers, cold watermelon, cold drinks, popcorn, snacks and more. Come on down!


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Sudbury family in need of car

Posted by on Jun 28, 2018 in General News

Bethany Hadvab, the Sudbury town social worker, has put out this request:

“Do you know of anyone in your congregations who is looking to donate a used car to a family in need? I am working with a family who had their car die recently and they cannot afford another car at this time.”

If you have a car to give, or know someone who might, please contact:

Bethany Hadvab, LICSW

Board of Health Social Worker

Town of Sudbury



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“Families Belong Together” rally on FPS lawn at noon this Saturday June 30

Posted by on Jun 28, 2018 in General News




You and your friends and family are invited to gather on the lawn of FPS on Saturday the 30th at 12 to Stand on the Side of Love and against separation of families. 

“Donald Trump and his administration are cruelly separating children from their families.
But we won’t allow it to continue. On June 30, we’re rallying in Washington, D.C., and around the country to tell Donald Trump and his administration to stop separating kids from their parents!
Trump and his administration have been systematically criminalizing immigration and immigrants, from revoking Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to ramping up intimidating ICE tactics.
Join us on June 30 to send a clear message to Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress: Families Belong Together!”

Check out the link:


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Hogwarts: Magic & Science Camp (cancelled–sorry)

Posted by on Jun 19, 2018 in General News

First Parish of Sudbury Summer Camp 2018

We aren’t able to offer this camp this year. So sorry!



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