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Thanks for your generosity

Posted by on May 9, 2017 in General News

About once each month we Share the Plate (our Sunday collection) with a worthy organization chosen by our Living Our Faith team.

We usually receive thank-you notes from these organizations who sincerely appreciate all we can give, whether the amount is smaller or larger.

Nancy Moore forwarded one such note recently from Jean Lubin, Founder of Head to Head, with whom we Shared the Plate on March 19. We were able to send $476 (half of the collection). Head to Head has been serving the poorest children of Belle Vue, Haiti for 19 years.

Our contribution made a real difference in their ability to provide for the children and pay their teachers, who make much less than those teaching in government schools.

Please read Mr. Lubin’s letter, found on the Living Our Faith bulletin board in the FPS Parish Hall.

Thank you again.



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Who, What, Why a UU?

Posted by on May 7, 2017 in General News, Worship Services

Join the congregation at First Parish of Sudbury Unitarian Universalist on Sunday, May 7 when Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty will offer a sermon on our Unitarian Universalist identity. How does being a UU inform and inspire us to respond in authentic and meaningful ways. This Sunday the congregation will celebrate mayday also known as Beltane, a spring festival. An aspect of our identity reflected in our  UU sources from which we draw inspiration is the spiritual teachings of Earth-centered traditions that celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature. The congregation will participate in their annual Maypole Dance after the service, weather permitting.

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Insights: The End is Near…

Posted by on May 3, 2017 in General News, Minister's Column

The End is Near…

In Boston, Manhattan, Los Angeles or really at any busy intersection, especially during a pride parade one can find someone, usually a man but not exclusively, holding a sign filled with disconcerting images invariably a cross, citing biblical texts, calling for humanity to repent as the end is near. Most passersby give these folks a wide berth. Many of us do not believe in this theology nor do we want to believe in the implications of such an eschatology. We want to instead believe that our future is secure and that if there is a God that s/he will be loving and will ultimately try to save us from ourselves. What I have realized in my life is that if there are end times coming that we, humanity, those of us who are seduced by profit, greed, exploitation of the planet and people for profit, the fearful and intolerant will be responsible. Recently, I have been thinking that some types of end times might not really be all that bad. There are periods of transition, sometimes of loss, definitely times of change that we face that are endings and yet we continue on. Some of these times are incredibly difficult and yet in a study that I conducted many years ago, for my honors thesis, I came to an understanding that what doesn’t kill us might just make us stronger. I would add a caveat to this “what doesn’t kill us, if we are able to frame it in a positive way could be transformative. What would happen if instead of panicking when we think that the end is near we change our way of responding and instead think, “Oh thank the Goddess I desperately need a new beginning.

The theme for this month was going to be “Shine On” but instead I have decided to reframe the theme, “The End is Near, begin again in Love.” I am thinking about our Unitarian Universalist concern for this nation, for this planet, for the many people who are oppressed and for those who turn to violence or self-destructive behavior because that is the only voice/choice that they feel that they have. As Unitarian Universalists how do we frame this Christian notion of the end times into a positive and hopeful message that keeps us inspired and motivated to keep keeping on? Our UU theology would have us believe that one person’s choices and actions can make a difference, one idea shared, one skill taught, one passionate plea spoken aloud can make a difference. Let us find, inspire and care for that still small voice within until it becomes a whisper, a murmur, a call to action, a shout of protest and a commitment to face into the end times and change our course, change our concern into revelation into faith that together we can.

We have come a long way this year. We have faced into some very difficult realizations about this country that we love and are committed to,  and yet here we are living through and rallying in the face of greed, intolerance and fear. The world didn’t end and we will survive, we will be changed, but we will survive and most likely learn so much about the power we collectively wield. Resist, persist, carry on.

Let’s begin again in Love


Rev. Marjorie

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Seeking Events Coordinators for FPS memorial services, weddings and dedications

Posted by on May 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

Our sincere thanks go out to Judy Handley and Ginny Doxsey who have capably and sensitively coordinated services for many years. They are stepping down at the end of our program year, June 11.

Might you be interested in being a co-coordinator? The two main traits required are organization and sensitivity, as you would be helping families negotiate aspects of memorial services and weddings. If you would be interested, and would approach this as your ministry to congregants and folks from our community, please contact Rev. Marjorie at or by phone. This is a fee-based paid position at FPS.


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May 9 Clean Energy Future hearing at FPS

Posted by on May 2, 2017 in General News

At 6:00pm at First Parish of Sudbury UU there will be a hearing on Climate Change, hosted by Rep. Jamie Eldridge and others.

The Massachusetts Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change wants to hear your thoughts on clean energy and climate. They will be holding hearings in nine regions throughout Massachusetts, from the Berkshires to the Cape, to give  constituents an organized opportunity to voice their opinions on energy issues, climate change and the legislation they want to see from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Step up to the microphone and let us know what’s on your mind.

This tour is an answer to thousands of constituent conversations, calls and emails concerning the health and future of our local communities; our state; our country; and our world as a whole. They want your collective voices to ring throughout the legislature as we craft policy. Bring your friends, bring your neighbors! We look forward to hearing from you.​​​

Reps/Senators attending: Pacheco, Eldridge, Barrett, Boncore, and Lewis
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