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Vigil for Peace Oct. 1 at 6:20pm Sudbury Center

Posted by on Sep 20, 2017 in General News

“Whoever destroys a single life, it is as if s/he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is as if s/he saved an entire world.”
~Babylonian Talmud: Sanhedrin 37a.
Sunday, October 1st‬ at 6:30pm candlelight vigil on the Sudbury common.
Let us stand together as one in peace and remembrance for all who have fallen victim to violence and for those who are at risk each moment of every day.
Sponsored by the Sudbury Clergy Association
October marks the start of Domestic Violence Month. This is but one of the many forms of violence, suffering, and division impacting our community, nation, and world in this moment. We are confronted by violence in rhetoric that dehumanizes and threatens entire groups of people, and violence in our collective failure to respond with compassion to those among us who are struggling and hurting. Our faith traditions affirm that we belong and are accountable to one another. When any one of us suffers, all of us suffer. Our sacred scriptures remind us of the vulnerability and tenacity of humankind, our faith traditions call us to work together towards creating a climate that is more than just the absence of violence. Building the beloved community calls us to be more, to work towards justice, wholeness, and soulful connection regardless of difference, to evolve beyond our base instincts. Creating peace in community is not a state we reach but an ongoing action. Responding violently is but one choice that we have when we struggle with the real divisions that we experience, the Sudbury Clergy Association invites the members of the Sudbury and surrounding communities to join us ‪on Sunday, October 1st‬ at 6:30pm for a candle light vigil on the Sudbury common. Let us stand together as one in peace and remembrance for all who have fallen victim to violence and for those who are at risk each moment of every day.
The Sudbury Clergy Association, Working together to build the Beloved Community.
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Get Involved in (MetroWest)

Posted by on Sep 20, 2017 in General News

350Mass Metrowest Node October Meeting

Please join the Metrowest node of 350Mass for their monthly meeting on Thursday, October 5th at Peace Lutheran Church, 105 Concord Road/Route 126, Wayland, MA 01778, from 7:00pm. We will connect with folks from all over the Metrowest area, update group members on statewide activities, and engage in issue-specific working groups. This will include our ongoing effort to assess sustainability efforts in several nearby towns. There will also be a chance for participants to share news and announcements from their organizations and municipalities.

First time visitors are especially welcome; come learn and share. Our Metrowest node public meetings usually happen the first Thursday of the month, with locations changing to accommodate learners, supporters, and activists from towns around the region. All are invited to participate in the breakout groups for the local initiatives as well as in the informal planning group that meets on dates prior to the monthly meeting. Arrive early to mingle. Light refreshments will be available.

For more information about climate change and the Metrowest node, visit:


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Little Things We Do … flowers on Sundays

Posted by on Sep 20, 2017 in General News

On Sunday mornings, you’ve probably noticed the flowers that grace the front of our sanctuary. They are just one of the little things that are special about our sanctuary time together—a little thing that makes a big difference. A little bit of natural beauty that helps us to keep our time together sacred. These flowers are provided by members and friends, who sign up in advance (on the Parish Hall board). These are sometimes a bouquet or arrangement, a plant, or a simple, beautiful stem or two. Some come from the florist, and some from our own gardens.

Those who provide these flowers often choose to dedicate them in memory or in honor of someone special to them, and we note that in the order of worship. It’s one way to bring someone into the sanctuary with us, maybe around the time of a birthday or anniversary.

How do you sign up? Simply by choosing the date you would like to provide flowers, and adding this to the signup sheet in the Parish Hall. Or, call the office, if that’s more convenient. You will be reminded during the week you are scheduled to bring flowers, and asked about the dedication.

And, after the worship service, you are welcome to take the flowers home with you, or if you prefer, they can be shared with someone recovering from an illness, or in the hospital, or can be enjoyed at First Parish during the week.

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ArtSpace in Maynard hosts Open Studios this weekend Sept. 23-24

Posted by on Sep 20, 2017 in General News

For you art enthusiasts, you are welcome to stop by Saturday or Sunday between noon and 5pm for the Open Studios (and gallery exhibit) at Maynard ArtSpace at 63 Summer Street in Maynard (up the street from the Maynard Fine Arts Theater). Two First Parishioners, Carole McNamee and Fran Sharp, will be in their studios and glad to see FPS friendly faces and show you our art. Hope you will stop by.


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Morris Dance groups beginning the year at First Parish

Posted by on Sep 20, 2017 in General News

All 4th-8th graders and parents/guardians are encouraged to come learn more about our Morris Dance teams. This is great fun and unlike anything else you could do!

And, there’s a group for teens, too.

See these flyers below:


Hop Brook Morris grades 4th-8th and   HopBrookFyler fall 2017

Great Meadows Morris and Sword for 13-18 year olds.   GMMSflyer._doc-3



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