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Board of Trustee summary, Dec. 2017


The Trustees met December 6th and heard the Minister’s report and a preliminary update from the Buildings and Grounds Committee identifying crucial projects, including (a) interior painting; (b) exterior painting of the Meetinghouse and restoration of some clapboards; (c) bell mount and steeple repairs; (d) kitchen renovation including structural repair of the supporting beams under the kitchen and Parish Hall bathroom. Financing was discussed, with consideration given to various approaches including seeking grant money, FPS’s Equity Fund and a possible Capital Campaign. B&G will return in January with a prioritized formal recommendation for the projects, with input from FinCom on financing. Trustees heard recommendations on rekeying the exterior Meetinghouse door (kitchen and entrance hall) and updates on the Sudbury Extended Day contract renewal, which will be finalized by year-end. Reports from Committee on Ministry, Worship Associates and Pastoral Associates were presented.

The next Trustee meeting is scheduled for January 3, 2018.