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Coming Up in Religious Exploration

Coming Up in RE: January is Social Justice Month!

Our exploration of themes and concepts will continue into the new year with a visit to Hogwarts, thanks to our children’s suggestions of looking at a unit on Harry Potter (and social justice and action!)

The children have been sorted into their respective houses,  along with some of the parents, and will earn or lose house points all month long leading up to their special “end of year feast:”. Parents take note! They can earn and lose points at home as well for being particularly helpful so shoot me an email and let me know! As part of our social justice project aside from the wonderful wizarding world, the children will be participating in a fundraiser to help build a water well in a community without access to clean water. We’ll be exploring themes of social inequality through the plight of the house elves, as well as people right here in our own neighborhoods, all while studying runes, creating magical slime, and putting together keepsakes so they can always remember the magical world of JK Rowling’s creation.


Coming Up:


A class on ancient runes/ Create a Quill Project

Magical Slime Creation & Discussion of the plight of the House Elves

Popcorn Theology: Harry Potter/ Fighting the Horcrux of Poverty

Quidditch Match: Team building Exercise among the “Houses”

….and much more! See you all on Sunday!