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Religious Exploration October 22nd


Spirit Play: This week in Spirit Play we will hear the Yellow Promise story all about Small Fry, a fish journeying into the unknown.  Afterwards, the children will have a chance to practice being a leader- just like Small Fry was in the story- through a series of games and then individual activities!


UU Explorers: Last week, our explorers continued building their free to be me wall, and discussed kindness as an extension of hospitality. Building upon our theme this week, we’ll be discussing the story of the pet sack, focusing on those things within ourselves that we can cultivate in order to spread loving kindness out into the world. Hospitality starts at home and within the self, so we’ll also be looking at self-care, and how to be kind to “you”, after all, whenever you speak, you are listening!

Nursery care: This week the youngest among us will be joined by our volunteers Rose & Mikayla in the upper level SED classroom. For those of you interested in volunteering in the Nursery, please note that all sermons can be heard from this room, which means you’ll never have to miss one!

Youth Group: Our youth group is off to an amazing start this year! They’ve decided that they want to do more volunteer work right here at FPS, because as we’ve realized, hospitality truly starts at home. If you see them around lending a helping hand don’t forget to say hello, and they have a special surprise coming up this December for our RE parents…sign up will begin soon so keep an eye out!