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Little Things We Do … flowers on Sundays

On Sunday mornings, you’ve probably noticed the flowers that grace the front of our sanctuary. They are just one of the little things that are special about our sanctuary time together—a little thing that makes a big difference. A little bit of natural beauty that helps us to keep our time together sacred. These flowers are provided by members and friends, who sign up in advance (on the Parish Hall board). These are sometimes a bouquet or arrangement, a plant, or a simple, beautiful stem or two. Some come from the florist, and some from our own gardens.

Those who provide these flowers often choose to dedicate them in memory or in honor of someone special to them, and we note that in the order of worship. It’s one way to bring someone into the sanctuary with us, maybe around the time of a birthday or anniversary.

How do you sign up? Simply by choosing the date you would like to provide flowers, and adding this to the signup sheet in the Parish Hall. Or, call the office, if that’s more convenient. You will be reminded during the week you are scheduled to bring flowers, and asked about the dedication.

And, after the worship service, you are welcome to take the flowers home with you, or if you prefer, they can be shared with someone recovering from an illness, or in the hospital, or can be enjoyed at First Parish during the week.