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Religious Exploration this year for kids and youth

News from R.E. (Religious Education)

Welcome back to RE at First Parish! We are very excited about the coming year in RE. Over the summer Chris and RE volunteers worked on organizing and creating a storage space. In the process we found many treasures and were able to purchase what we needed to finalize a fabulous complement of materials to continue bringing you and your children rich and exciting RE programming for all age groups in the coming year.

We will all miss Chris, but are happy to report that through his leadership and continued support we have a robust volunteer group ready to staff the nursery, and are fully staffed with volunteers to teach Spirit Play. Among the treasures we found this summer were many more of the lovely Montessori-based storytelling kits that we use for our Spirit Play curriculum. These handmade kits bring stories alive with beautiful settings and interesting characters which engage the children during the story and are then available for them to play with, taking the ideas sparked by the story and using their imaginations to expand and explore, encouraged and guided by their teachers.

Our UU Explorers group for children from 4th to 7th grade will be enjoying a wonderful curriculum that Chris researched and vetted with the RE committee last year. All of us are really excited about the “Popcorn Theology” curriculum which appeals to this age group through using short, selected excerpts from popular films to launch discussions about spiritual ideas, pertinent social issues, diversity and tolerance and more, as the children develop increasing awareness of self and other on their journey to define their own theology and understanding of what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist. Follow this link to learn more about this dynamic new curriculum.

Our youth group, is ready to start exploring themselves both as individuals and as UUs this year in a deeper and more meaningful way. We all look forward to seeing our teens in action at the youth-led service in the spring, where each of them will have the opportunity to share their hopes, dreams and ideas with the congregation in one of the many coming-of-age opportunities for this age group!

Please stop by our table in the lobby and Parish Hall this Sunday September 10th to find out more about the program and register your child for this year’s RE classes. One of the commitments we have made as a group this year is to be more of a presence in the sanctuary and give more frequent updates to the congregation about our activities, so you will be seeing more of the REC  (Religious Education Committee) in the coming year – stay tuned!!

Warmest wishes for a great year ahead for you and your children.

~ The REC