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Insights: The End is Near…

The End is Near…

In Boston, Manhattan, Los Angeles or really at any busy intersection, especially during a pride parade one can find someone, usually a man but not exclusively, holding a sign filled with disconcerting images invariably a cross, citing biblical texts, calling for humanity to repent as the end is near. Most passersby give these folks a wide berth. Many of us do not believe in this theology nor do we want to believe in the implications of such an eschatology. We want to instead believe that our future is secure and that if there is a God that s/he will be loving and will ultimately try to save us from ourselves. What I have realized in my life is that if there are end times coming that we, humanity, those of us who are seduced by profit, greed, exploitation of the planet and people for profit, the fearful and intolerant will be responsible. Recently, I have been thinking that some types of end times might not really be all that bad. There are periods of transition, sometimes of loss, definitely times of change that we face that are endings and yet we continue on. Some of these times are incredibly difficult and yet in a study that I conducted many years ago, for my honors thesis, I came to an understanding that what doesn’t kill us might just make us stronger. I would add a caveat to this “what doesn’t kill us, if we are able to frame it in a positive way could be transformative. What would happen if instead of panicking when we think that the end is near we change our way of responding and instead think, “Oh thank the Goddess I desperately need a new beginning.

The theme for this month was going to be “Shine On” but instead I have decided to reframe the theme, “The End is Near, begin again in Love.” I am thinking about our Unitarian Universalist concern for this nation, for this planet, for the many people who are oppressed and for those who turn to violence or self-destructive behavior because that is the only voice/choice that they feel that they have. As Unitarian Universalists how do we frame this Christian notion of the end times into a positive and hopeful message that keeps us inspired and motivated to keep keeping on? Our UU theology would have us believe that one person’s choices and actions can make a difference, one idea shared, one skill taught, one passionate plea spoken aloud can make a difference. Let us find, inspire and care for that still small voice within until it becomes a whisper, a murmur, a call to action, a shout of protest and a commitment to face into the end times and change our course, change our concern into revelation into faith that together we can.

We have come a long way this year. We have faced into some very difficult realizations about this country that we love and are committed to,  and yet here we are living through and rallying in the face of greed, intolerance and fear. The world didn’t end and we will survive, we will be changed, but we will survive and most likely learn so much about the power we collectively wield. Resist, persist, carry on.

Let’s begin again in Love


Rev. Marjorie