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Black Lives Matter Task Team forming

black-lives-matter2If you are interested in the important work of Black Lives Matter, we will be having a meeting next week to discuss the next steps for First Parish to take. We have a banner that we would like to display on the building that we would like your input on, thoughts about a book group and an opportunity for a public forum. We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts about how to fully engage in the work of racial justice in Sudbury and beyond.

We are forming a task force that will focus on this issue and engage in the mechanics of running some of the above initiatives. Please come to our first meeting and bring anyone that you know that may want to participate.

Our first meeting will be on February 10th at 7pm. If you cannot make this meeting please email Rev. Marjorie   your interest in participating and any ideas or projects that you might like to engage in. Also, please consider participating in the members website in the Black Lives Matter forum.

Thank you for your commitment to racial justice and to First Parish of Sudbury,