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Christmas Eve 5pm Family Service and Pageant

Multicolor bokeh circle background (illumination garland decoration)

Christmas Eve Pageant, Dec. 24 5pm – 6pm

In an effort to simplify and help everyone find a little calm in the holidays, this year’s Christmas Eve Pageant will have practically no rehearsals. The kids and adults involved who are available will meet for a brief dress rehearsal from 11:30am – 12pm while their parents “shop” for Simple Gifts on Dec. 20th during social hour, but it won’t be a mandatory rehearsal and you can still participate without rehearsing! There will be plenty of roles for kids and adults to jump into last-minute. For the first time this year, the pageant will be multicultural, as well. We’ll explore an ancient story about the Winter Solstice from the indigenous Shinto religion of Japan, the story of the Buddha, and of course the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Hope to see you there!