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Let’s All Join In to Clean Up the Church Grounds

gardening toolsThe Landscape Committee has scheduled the annual fall cleanup of the First Parish grounds on October 31, from 9:30: a.m. until 2:00 p.m.—with a break for pizza and home-made soup.

There’s lots to do and we’re asking all able-bodied parishioners, family members and significant others to come and pitch in. We know that everyone has their own yard, leaves, gutters, shrubs and gardens to take care of before winter but this is a big job and it needs more hands than the committee can provide on our own. There’s work for people of all sizes and abilities.

This year we have made things easier for everyone by contracting to have the leaves picked up from the lawn. So, no raking and hauling of heavy tarps is required. This means we can focus our efforts on other necessary tasks that seldom get the attention they need (or get done at all) because the leaf cleanup has been so time-consuming. These include the gardening-oriented tasks and sprucing up the Memorial Garden.

What Needs Doing

Four major jobs need to get done before winter rolls in:

  1. Turning over and moving the existing compost. We have a hay fork. This is a heavy task and we could use some strong arms to help with it.
  2. Cut down small trees (designated for felling) and chip the branches. We have two chain saws and a small chipper for this work – if whoever has taken custody of the chain saws brings them along.
  3. Cleaning up and preparing the Memorial Garden for winter. This includes deer-proofing the memorial plants and wrapping burlap around shrubs.
  4. Paint wood preservative on garden benches if it is warm enough. (Usually about 50 degrees.) The weather is looking good for this.

Also, if you have a memorial plant in the garden, please come and prepare it for the winter depending on the needs of the particular tree or shrub. If you’re not sure how to do that, we can help.

Who needs to do it:

Everyone. Really. Many hands make light work.

The members of the Landscape Commiteee are all women and mostly getting on in years. We no longer have the energy—or the strong backs—to turn over compost or cut down trees all by ourselves. We need a few good men—more than a few, actually—to do some of the heavy work. Remember, you get to play with tools. Bring wirecutters or heavy-duty shears if you have them. Likewise, the parish needs some young people to jump in for few hours of community service that can be fun. Besides, you get free pizza!

We hope to see a big group in the parking lot on the morning of October 31. Sign up that morning, mostly to make sure everyone gets pizza and a list of chores that need to be done. It’s only for a few hours. Please come and put in a few hours of effort for the greater good of the First Parish.