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April 12 In RE: The Beginning

Sistine Chapel Creation ceilingWe had such a good time before Easter with the stories around the life of Jesus, that we have decided to dig into some more Bible stories. And we’ve decided to start at The Beginning. Did you know that there are two completely different CREATION stories in the Bible? How do you think there came to be human beings? What do your friends think? What might you have thought if you lived long before there was any such thing as science? Have you ever been tempted to do something you had been told not to do? What does it mean to “have knowledge of good and evil”? If you could create a world, what would you put on it? Why is a week seven days long? All children (ages 4-12) and youth (ages 13-14) are invited to join Ginny and Oliver, bringing ideas and questions.

Babies and all children are welcome to stay with their family in the sanctuary. Unfortunately today we have no Friendship Finders (ages 3-5) teachers. You may go to the nursery nook in the Parish Hall where you can listen to the service while your child plays with toys.