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Summer Service: (W)holy Whole – Della Hughes

Posted by on Jul 17, 2016 in Worship Services


Della M. Hughes

[Song embedded in the text: God Is God by Steve Earle (words in bold italics).  Complete lyrics here:]

I’m taking you on my journey this morning to figure out what (W)holy Whole means. Frankly, when I chose this topic – I didn’t know what I would actually say. I like word play, puns – and a deep part of my mind and soul were focused on making meaning of life, my life – but they were not revealing it to me! I guess they sent the topic to me to mull on, which is the way it

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Summer Service: The Memorial Garden – Marge Langmuir and Landscape Committee

Posted by on Jul 10, 2016 in Worship Services



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Summer Service: UUA General Assembly Live Worship – Fran Sharp

Posted by on Jun 26, 2016 in Worship Services


Join us  for live remote viewing of the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly worship service from Columbus, Ohio.  Hosted by Fran Sharp.

Have you ever been to the UU General Assembly (GA)? It is a moving, fun and thought-provoking experience. Being together in the Commons this Sunday, June 26, “with” all the other UUs at GA via live-streaming will be the next best thing to being in Columbus. Join us at 9:30 for nibbles. At 10am Fran Sharp will give an overview of GA and we can hear from our congregants who have attended GA before what their favorite memories are, and what has stayed with them. The live-streaming GA worship service will begin at 10:30.

Come celebrate being a UU. Wear your rainbow t-shirt, or any other UU gear that you wear proudly and that reminds you of your chosen faith.

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Summer Service: Tribe, Civilization and Beyond: A Natural History of 3 Choices — Tom Yelton

Posted by on Jun 19, 2016 in Worship Services

Bushman-familyThe first choice occurred about 6 million years ago and was basically our ancestors’ choice to leave behind our tropical forest habitat for tropical grassland (savannah). This led us to evolve from beings very like modern chimpanzees to human, tribal, hunter-gatherers, living in semi-nomadic groups of up to 150 or so.

The second choice began only about 12000 years ago (recent in evolutionary terms) and was basically to leave behind our tribal, hunter-gatherer lifestyle to live in larger groups in settlements, getting most of our food by farming, living in much larger groups. Though we left the tribal life behind we haven’t actually evolved much — we are still essentially tribal, hunter-gatherers.

It’s thought that both of these choices were related to climate change. In the first the climate was getting dryer and our forest habitat was shrinking. In the second, the end of the last ice age and local crowding may have caused food shortages which led to people taking food production into their own hands to get more from the land. In each case we could have simply died back a bit like most animals and continued with what already worked. But each time we found a way to move into a different way of life.

The third choice is also related to climate change (in this case human caused) but the decision is still pending. Climate change (and human disruption of ecosystems) once again threatens us with food and other shortages on a

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Connector Schedule and Office Hours for Summer

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in General News

newsletter clipartThe weekly electronic newsletter, The Connector, will be published and distributed on the following Wednesdays:

June 15, 22

July 6, 20

Aug 3, 17, 31


Fran Sharp, administrator, plans to be in the office:

Wednesdays: June 22, July 6, 13, 20, 27, Aug 3, 10, 17, 24, 31. (It’s best to reach her by phone or email to check.)

, 978/443-2043 x 3

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Celebration Sunday and Flower Communion

Posted by on Jun 12, 2016 in Worship Services

bouquet of mixed autumn flowers in vase isolated on white backgroundPlease bring flowers, family, and food to share this Sunday. We will have a Funday as we celebrate and honor the good work of our members and friends.

Flowers–please bring one stem for each person in your family. This will be part of our flower communion during the service.

Food–a side dish if you can. Our Community and Hospitality Committee will be grilling and serving ice cream, and providing drinks.

During the outdoor cookout we will also take a few minutes to dedicate our new Terrace and Solar Panels.

Come be part of this community celebration on the last Sunday of our regular church year.


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Summer@FPS all you need to know

Posted by on Jun 8, 2016 in General News



Click here to see all you need to know about:

Summer at FPS 2016

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