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“Why,” Does It Matter?

Posted by on Oct 4, 2015 in General News, Worship Services

The Golden Circle, what is it, why does it matter and how does it define our lives from marketing to meditation? Have you ever stopped and wondered “why” we do the things that we do or why we say the things that we say or why we feel so passionate about the concerns and causes that we support? The “why” we do something is far more important than the “how” we do it or “what” we actually do. Friedrich Nietzsche once shared that, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” What is your “why” and how can you connect it to the way that you live fully into your life? Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty will consider the theory of the golden circle and the implications of understanding how it affects us in our daily lives.

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Women’s Alliance Meeting Oct 8 6:30pm

Posted by on Oct 1, 2015 in General News

women meetingThe next meeting of the Women’s Alliance is this Thursday evening, October 8, starting at 6:30 p.m. in the Brackett Room.  Having dispatched a number of business items in September, this meeting will be primarily social.  As usual we will start with a pot-luck supper; discussion can be pot-luck as well—think about what you might like to suggest we talk about! If you can’t quite make 6:30, you are welcome to come later.

It’s also important to note that our November 7 day-long retreat at the Harvard UU church is fast approaching.  We need your sign-up sheet if you haven’t signed up already—there are brochures on the table in the FPS lobby.  The cost of the retreat is $25. If you would like lunch–a bag lunch from the General Store–this would be an additional $10 or so.

Please contact Sara Hartman or Peg Espinola for further details, or to request a ride.

Finally, save the date for our Sunday, December 13 afternoon holiday  appetizer-and-dessert potluck at AnnMarie Lanza’s house.

As always, these events and ALL Alliance events are open to all women with a connection to First Parish, including newcomers.

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From the Pews to the Streets—Putting Our Values into Action as a Congregation.

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in General News

Thanks so much thands in airo everyone who participated in the activity last Sunday sharing how we live our values every day. Did you see the many cards posted in the Parish Hall with the moving responses? What do we do? Mentor young workers, support environmental causes, cook meals for many, work to free political prisoners, meet the world with positivity, attend to elders, smile with love, donate blood, mentor a teenage girl, donate 5% of income, adopt organic gardening and solar panels, to name just a few.

This week we are asking you to join other folks in signing up for social justice activities to do as groups from First Parish. It’s important to follow our individual passions to heal our community and our world but it’s also very powerful to join forces with others who share the same interests—there is different energy and sometimes more impact when a group of passionate people work together on a project.

In the FPS Parish Hall, you will find sign-up sheets for activities suggested by our congregation last spring. See if there is an activity that speaks to you. There will also be sheets for you to provide us with some new activity ideas. As Liz Rust said last Sunday, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

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Helping the Syrian Refugees

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in General News


Thanks to all who contributed on Sunday, September 20. Your generous giving resulted in us being able to send $821 to the Syrian Refugee Fund at the Unitarian Universalist Association/UU Service Committee.

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Samhain (Halloween) at First Parish of Sudbury

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in General News

halloween moon and batsSave the Date :  Saturday October 31 at 6pm for Samhain (Halloween)

We will celebrate the Celtic New Year by enacting a ritual inspired by Celtic myth. Myths are poetic statements of the life process. When we enact the myths in ritual, we enact our own growth and development, our passages. Teens and older children are welcome to the ritual.  There will be a separate children’s program for children under 11 years old.  The children will join the adults for a potluck feast.  Please bring your favorite dish to share. Costumes are socially correct. Please let Leslie Lowe know if you need a ride.

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Religious Education this Sunday October 4

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in Coming Up in RE, General News

kids clipartIn RE this Sunday children aged 6-months to 4 are invited to play in our nursery. Children 4-6 are invited to our Spirit Play class, where we will continue introducing our seven rainbow principles through story telling, creative play, and arts and crafts.  Older children still in grade school are invited to join our Sing to the Power class, where we will be exploring how we can create positive change in the world through the power of connection. 7th and 8th graders are invited to join the Breakfast Club. The high school youth group will meet at noon, after social hour.

Our first teacher training of the year will be on October 4th from 2-3pm, in the Commons room. Please consider occasional or substitute assistant teaching in Religious Education classes this year — we currently need help in both the Spirit Play class for 4-6 year-olds and Sing to the Power for children up through sixth grade, as well as occasional nursery care providers. All adults and youth interested are encouraged to attend. Please come even if you might only be willing to help out once or twice. Parents of any children participating in religious education this year are encouraged to attend to learn about the programs and to be available as occasional helpers. Please RSVP to . We need to know if it would be helpful to provide daycare. Please include in the RSVP if you need daycare for your children while you attend the training.

PLAYGROUND RULES at the First Parish of SudburyThe playground is a wonderful resource for our church, and it is available for use during social hour. Near the start of every year, it is a good idea to (re)familiarize ourselves with the rules of the playground. Once religious education group finishes on Sundays around 11:15am, parents are responsible for supervising their children on the playground. Children need to be supervised by a parent or an adult at all times. Children need to stay within sight of a supervising adult.

Please use the playground equipment properly. Please do not climb on playground equipment when it is wet or icy.

Please wear proper footwear – bare feet or flip-flops are dangerous when running or climbing.

The sandbox is not for our use, it belongs to the Sudbury Extended Day program. Please do not uncover it or move the weights holding the cover down.

Please use the toys in the bin marked “FP Sudbury” and not those in the locked storage bins belonging to SED. Return all toys to the FP Sudbury bin before leaving the playground.

Sticks, rocks or snowballs are not permitted in or around the playground area.

Please do not run, push or shove. Please do not climb the trees.

Please be respectful – in both words and actions – of others, yourself, the environment and the building.

Let’s cooperate and use the equipment safely for the

enjoyment of everyone in our First Parish community!

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Social Justice as a Spiritual Practice

Posted by on Sep 27, 2015 in General News, Worship Services

Join the congregation at First Parish this Sunday, Sept. 27 when Ms. Laura Wagner, LICSW, will speak about how our wholeness as individuals is realized in connection with other human beings. It is through this connection that we define our values. Wagner notes that “being aware of the struggles of others and then engaging in social justice allows us to put our values into action.   Living our values through social justice helps us to create a living, meaningful spiritual practice that both heals the world and ourselves at the same time.”

Laura Wagner, Executive Director, Unitarian Universalist Mass Action Network, has been a Unitarian Universalist for over 20 years, has held many lay leader positions but her primary focus has always been social justice. She began her involvement with UU Mass Action as a volunteer working on the immigrant rights campaign. Laura was initially drawn to immigrant justice work because of her family history. Her grandparents were survivors of the Armenian Genocide. Her commitment to immigrant rights deepened following a tragic death in her home town of Marlborough.

This Sunday the congregation will Share the Plate with UU Mass Action.

In addition, after the service, the congregation will begin its monthly letter-writing sessions to legislators. This week the writing will focus on encouraging legislators to support two bills to end the effects of Citizens United. Anyone who wishes to support this initiative is welcome to write letters.

Religious Exploration, led by our new director Chris Scheller, for children and teens takes place concurrently with the adult worship service. Children and teens begin in the worship service, and then go off to their own fun and interesting program of religious exploration.

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